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You have a need for privacy, especially when communicating over the Internet. Most Internet users trust their email providers and visited websites are safe and protected. Unfortunately, many so-called secure servers supporting the Web do not meet minimum-security standards to properly safeguard your sensitive personal information. Some so called secure servers may be outdated, obsolete or support weak security protocols. Often an assumed secure communication channel actually is supported by a security method that is misconfigured, leaving an unsuspecting user exposed to hackers and a privacy invasion.

Don’t let your sensitive personal information leak to unknown surveillance and spyware operatives. Protect yourself with Safety Optimizer, the high-grade software solution that uses strong cryptography and security protocols to safeguard sensitive data during transmission over the Internet. From Internet banking and credit card numbers to Web searches and private correspondence, Safety Optimizer protects your information from prying eyes. Safety Optimizer reinforces SSL/TLS protocols, ciphers, and keys to ensure they are configured properly so your network security is at its highest. Don’t fall victim to a false sense of security, control your own level of safety with Safety Optimizer.

How Safety Optimizer helps to Protect Your Network Security

Potential Threats

Information transmitted on the Web often is secured by servers through a cipher, which may reassign alphabet letters or encrypt text to conceal its readability and meaning. When weak ciphers are used, hackers can easily break through network security and gain access to your sensitive personal information, such as Internet banking data or a credit card number.

Safety Optimizer is designed to protect you against weak ciphers commonly used by Internet servers for network security, such as:

NULL (eNull) Ciphers

These cipher suites offer no encryption. They usually are employed when verifying the authenticity and/or integrity of a website and during transmission of data. A NULL cipher may be used when information is being transferred between two secure servers and the site doesn’t want to deal with encrypting and interpreting the data.

Export Grade Ciphers

The security level of a cipher is related directly to the number of “bits” in its “key“. Ciphers with 40- or 56-bit keys are only marginally secure. They can be cracked by a desktop computer in a relatively short period of time, ultimately leading to digital eavesdropping and tampering of users’ sensitive personal information.

Weak Ciphers

Low encryption cipher suites use 64- or 56-bit encryption algorithms. Similar to export grade ciphers, this category of cipher is only slightly better since these ciphers have a larger key size. However, network security hackers can still break through within a reasonable amount of time.